What We Do
SALCO Trading is a Turkish-based business trading company specialized in the import / export, and wholesale distribution of premium-quality food products from Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 
SALCO's trading and logistics substations have joined powers dynamically to offer multinational companies quality service and performance through fully integrated logistics management.
Based on its expertise in logistics and supply chain management, SALCO provides fast and efficient air and sea cargo transport solutions to various 
parts of the world.
Niveen Brands has come a long way from its head office in Lebanon to expand internationally. SALCO administrates this expansion to build value into Niveen brand and communicate that value to customers globally.
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What We Do
Our Philosophy
Our Vision
To ensure customer satisfaction by delivering superior quality FMCG products, the highest level of service and diverse range of world-leading brands.
Our Vision
Our Mission
SALCO's mission is to enrich the quality of people’s lives and to develop the commercial success of its partners, through providing added-value products as business trading services. Guided by our expertise and geared towards the future, we have the success factors necessary to withstand challenges. Our well-recognized market presence, with a strong portfolio of brands and customers, is what will take us into the future.
Our Mission
Trade Investment Opportunities
Trade Investment Opportunities
Turkey is rapidly emerging as a high-growth market for many investments and businesses. 
International importing & exporting can be a complicated business – but not if you have an experienced partner to guide you beyond the common pitfalls.
SALCO offers a variety of investment opportunities with full guidelines through its extensive knowledge base, and a vast global network of agents and shipping lines enable us to provide the best prices and fastest shipping times – no matter where you are.
Logistic Services
SALCO'S comprehensive range of logistics services means they offer clients a unique position of contact to handle all their logistics needs from door to door, throughout the globe.
SALCO focuses on getting products that are suited to different market segments. It relies on long terms relationships with the network partners.
SALCO is driven to become a leading FMCG trading company. This success is being built on the customer-brand centered approach - enhanced by in-depth market research. Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and General Management are carried out by expertise with extensive international experience
Logistic Services
SALCO's main activity is the distribution of FMCG products, through the exporting of international brand food supplies, with a high standard of business ethics and professionalism.
Strong distribution networks extend behind the greatest successes in the industry. We always aimed to bring the same quality globally. Our investments in this field allow us to share the value we have created.
Our warehouse is based in Konya, with daily deliveries across Turkey and worldwide, access to major ports we well placed to support all means of transport
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