About Us
About Us
G.R.G is a verified premium distributor of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) with construction and real estate services.
Since 2008, G.R.G is established in Angola and offers a wide variety of high-quality confectionery products from wafers to chocolate bars and cakes and a diversified range of consumer goods within the country.
G.R.G acquired an elite experience over the years, taking consumers’ perception of quality products to a higher level by aiming to be a pioneer in the introduction of distribution innovations and advances within the Angola market.
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FMCG Distributor
G.R.G contributes to distributing high-end quality products and innovative products that are to our customer’s needs and requirements.
G.R.G. has a unique distribution network for more than 20 wholesalers. We are the sole distributors for a variety of products in Angola for brands of Niveen, Lark 77, Ender Chocolate, Alyan Chocolate & Oslo Chocolate.
G.R.G warehouse is in Luanda, the capital of Angola. You can find our represented brands in most of supermarkets and grocery stores in the whole 18 provinces covering Luanda, Huambo, Benguela, Bie, Malanje, and Namibe. G.R.G serves over 300 active clients, ranging from Large Supermarkets right through the open markets.
Covering Areas & Places
Distribution Channels
Our Distribution Channels consist of a Formal Market model that is targeted directly to Supermarkets with high-quality products, Wholesalers, and to more than 400 Semi-Wholesalers with an efficacious distribution model that distinguishes itself from competitors in the market by improving the positioning of products and boosting demand around them.
Also, our ever-growing Distribution Channels has access to the Informal Market model to gain even more revenue and assure sale growth.
We cover the main markets in Angola regardless if it’s the formal or informal market, making sure that products are distributed according to a well-planned-out strategy that covers every detail.
G.R.G presents a holistic approach to constructing quality establishments that meets the desires of our clients and assists in all the required plans and programs for development and submittal steps.
Construction & Real Estate